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Trial - Dew Lab Studio FMX
Trial - Dew Lab Studio FMX 2021
by Dew Research in Libraries for RAD Studio

Math, Statistics, Digital Signal Processing and Data Miner routines and components.

26 Oct 2021

Trial - CrossVCL
Trial - CrossVCL 1.58
by KSDev in Libraries for Delphi

Start building macOS and Linux VCL apps with Embarcadero Delphi and CrossVcl.

12 Oct 2021

DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite
DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite 6.3
by TeamDEC in Libraries for RAD Studio

Cryptography library containing hash algorithms, a cryptographic pseudo random number generator and CRC and format conversion classes along with demo projects and extensive documentation.

27 Sep 2021
Apache 2.0

Trysil 1.0
by David Lastrucci in Libraries for Delphi

Trysil - Operation ORM

21 Apr 2021
Mozilla Public License 2.0

eWriter HelpViewer for Delphi
eWriter HelpViewer for Delphi 2.5
by EC Software GmbH in Libraries for Delphi

EWriter eBooks are the modern alternative to the obsolete CHM format for local application help. They offer full support for context-sensitive help and file links. They combine the benefits of CHM and WebHelp and eliminate the disadvantages of both. The package includes the unit Vcl.EwriterHelpViewer.pas which implements support for the eWriter help format in Delphi’s help system. Applications currently using CHM files for application help can switch to eWriter help almost without changes.

21 Dec 2020
GNU General Public License (GPL)

Delphi Event Bus
Delphi Event Bus 2.0
by Delphi Event Bus in Libraries for Delphi

Delphi Event Bus (for short DEB) is an Event Bus framework for the Delphi platform implementing the publish/subscribe pattern. DEB is designed to decouple different parts/layers of your application while still allowing them to communicate efficiently.

30 Nov 2020
Apache License 2.0

DelphiMessageBus 1.1
by THSoft Tomasz Hutnik in Libraries for Delphi

Message Bus Pattern for Delphi. Send (publish) Message of any type in one place and receive it (subscribe) in many places.

24 Nov 2020
Apache License, Version 2.0

Trial - IPWorks BLE 2022 Delphi Edition
Trial - IPWorks BLE 2022 Delphi Edition 22.0.8506
by /n software inc. in Libraries for Delphi

IPWorks BLE includes a set of powerful components for integrating Bluetooth Low Energy communications capabilities into Web, Desktop, and Mobile applications.

1 Jan 2000