Socket Messaging Code Generator
Socket Messaging Code Generator 1.1
by OLF SOFTWARE in Tools for Delphi

A code generator for Delphi projects to use the client/server socket messaging library with less code.

22 Mar 2024

DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite
DEC - Delphi Encryption Compendium Lite 6.3
by TeamDEC in Libraries for RAD Studio

Cryptography library containing hash algorithms, a cryptographic pseudo random number generator and CRC and format conversion classes along with demo projects and extensive documentation.

19 Mar 2024
Apache 2.0

by Mitov Software in Libraries for RAD Studio

Components for fast boolean and application logic. Allows implementing application logic, user interface logic or complex hardware simulations and modeling with zero lines of program code. Contains logic gates, flip-flops, encoders/decoders, shifters, multiplexers, memory, ALU, displays and more. Includes a visual graphical editor for codeless development. Free for non-commercial use.

16 Mar 2024

Fast Report VCL & FMX
Fast Report VCL & FMX 2023.3
by Embarcadero Technologies in Components for RAD Studio

Report generator FastReport VCL & FMX is a modern solution for integrating Business Intelligence in your software. It has been created for developers who want to use ready-made components for reporting. FastReport VCL & FMX, with its simplicity of use, convenience and small distribution size is able to provide high functionality and performance on almost any modern PC.

10 Nov 2023