ATFlatControls 2021.06.12
by in Components for RAD Studio

A set of custom-drawn controls, independent from OS. Set now includes ATTabs, a Delphi/Lazarus component for lite tabs, OS independent, fully custom drawn. This set includes all the other Button, Toolbar, Listbox, ScrollBar, StatusBar, Gauge. They are used/tested in cross-platform text editor CudaText. Supports VCL only.

17 Jun 2021
MPL 2.0

Navigator 1.6.1
by Embarcadero Technologies in IDE Plugins for RAD Studio

Your code at your fingertips. Ever wanted to jump to the uses clause, to a class’s constructor, to a property definition? Navigator lets you move between any section of code quickly, easily, and without your fingers leaving the keyboard. There’s also a minimap – a miniature version of your code, showing the structure and letting you scroll just like a scrollbar. This plugin used to be Parnassus Navigator.

17 Jun 2020
Embarcadero Software License